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ABOUT Caribbean Breeze Cuisine Restaurant


Chef Vincent Semper and his wife Amelia-Kelly Semper are Caribbean Island natives and they first opened their restaurant “Caribbean Breeze Cuisine” in 2012.


Amelia-Kelly Semper  is the restaurant’s dessert specialist and judging by the way their lunch crowd inhales her almond-flavored pound cake, she’s literally knows how mix up ingredients to make her cake heighten your sweet tooth.


Chef Vincent Semper is also from St. Kitts, in the West Indies and St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands and immigrated to New York City.


After winning a scholarship from a culinary school in New York, Chef Vincent worked and cooked for the restaurants such as TGI Fridays and Houlihans’ chains and also restaurants in France for a year.


Vincent is the Executive Chef and uses his own recipes for every dish and he creates them with an island pedigree.


Vincent and Amelia mirrors our entrees and desserts to taste like they would on any  Caribbean island. So stop by our Caribbean Breeze Cuisine Restaurant you will be glad you did.

Executive Chef/Owner ~ Vincent


Full Service Catering

& Event Planning


Event Coordinator ~ Amelia




For over 4 years Caribbean Breeze have been giving back to the community by feeding the homeless on Thanksgiving and giving them small gifts loaded with toiletries to help them with their hygiene. 


Co-owner Amelia and her husband Vincent receives joy out of giving to others, and have put a good deal of thought into the happiness that they are able to bring to others with these small gifts.

Since they have been receiving a good turn out over the past two years and they can see the fruits of their generosity, this year they are hoping they can add more to this generous cause by providing warm blankets to the homeless.  

Click here to contact us about volunteering your time or funds for our next community event

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